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Woodpecker Apex Locator Woodpex III Gold

Woodpecker Apex Locator Woodpex III Gold

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The Woodpex 3????Standard from Woodpecker is a highly efficient apex locator that aids the dentist in accurately determining the working length to carry out the endodontic treatment. The use of apex locators has various advantages over the conventional methods of working length determination and locating the apical constriction. This fifth-generation apex locator is equipped with a clear bright LCD that displays a clear image and different colors to indicate the file trajectory. The working of the device is based on advanced multiple frequency network impedance measurement technologies. Moreover, automatic calibration????ensures that the measurements are accurate. The parts of the Woodpex 3????????Standard apex locator are autoclavable, thereby making it possible to reduce the risk of cross-infection. The rechargeable battery incorporated in the device enhances ease of use and eliminates the need for replacement of the battery repeatedly. The display can be folded to facilitate better viewing.????


Please Note:????Accuracy in readings for apex locators is claimed to be 97.7% accurate. Readings may vary from the conventional method????of????working length determination????(radiographic method)????& may????fluctuate in cases where the precautions (recommended in user manual) are not followed

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