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Waldent Sandyo Airotors And Cartridges

Waldent Sandyo Airotors And Cartridges

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  • Dental surgeries.
  • Precision engineered to offer the power and reliability required to perform clinical procedures.
  • The new Ceramic turbine cartridge with Japan technology delivers increased smoothness, while the bur retention system has been engineered to securely retain the bur under increased torque loads.
  • It is used for dental applications include cavity preparation, preventive dental procedures, preparation of abutment tooth for fixed partial dentures, endodontic treatment, and many more.
  • It is lightweight to ensure better ergonomics while performing dental procedures.
  • This helps to - increase the life span of bearing.
  • It provides an antimicrobial environment.


  • Used in various dental procedures such as restoration, tooth preparation for dental prosthetics, orthodontic applications, and various other dental uses.


  • Material Made up of Stainless steel.


  • Corrosion Resistant - Passivated.
  • High-grade material with a stylish design.
  • Push-button & chuck type cartridge to change bur.
  • Better Grip.
  • 1/3 Get Water Spray effective cooling of bur and treating contact surface.
  • Exclusive Design.
  • Sleek Body.
  • Excellent Texture.
  • Ceramic ball bearing - long life span.
  • High-speed handpiece.
  • Extra-torque & superior cutting efficiency.
  • Optimal power.
  • Head Size - Mini head, Supertorque & Standard head.
  • Optimum cooling of the treatment site with 3x spray.
  • Two-hole Bordon Chair connection.
  • Corrosion Resistant.
  • Autoclavable at 135-degree Celcius.
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