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Waldent Saliva Ejector (Pack Of 100 With Copper Wire)

Waldent Saliva Ejector (Pack Of 100 With Copper Wire)

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Waldent Saliva Ejector with smooth and round tip help to enhance patient comfort while protecting delicate mucosal tissue. A suction tip is a hollow tube that can be used to remove fluid and debris from the oral cavity and gently retract a patient’s cheeks. Tips also offer maneuverability and enable precision in reaching and removing unwanted particles from a patient’s teeth and gums.



  • Used for removing fluids and unwanted particles from a patient’s oral cavity.



  • Fit all standard saliva ejector hose ends.
  • Pliable holds their shape and the tip minimizes tissue impingement
  • Contours to custom-fit each patient's mouth.
  • Non-clogging into desired configuration.
  • Comfortable soft, round, pliable tip
  • Non-removable bonded tip.
  • Bend easily with little or no spring back
  • Available in clear tube with blue tip
  • Universal standard saliva ejector: 
  • Comfortable to the patients.
  • Holds in place any position you decide to bend it.
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