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Waldent Pro-Taper Gold Hand File 21mm Assorted SX-F3

Waldent Pro-Taper Gold Hand File 21mm Assorted SX-F3

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Waldent Protaper Hand Files are quality files which feature a better nickel titanium construction than ProTaper Universal Rotary Files - plus ISO-colored handles
Their variable taper and advanced flute design offer efficiency to achieve consistent shaping, even under calcified canals.

Waldent proudly claims that the cutting efficiency and flexibility of these files are better than other existing files in the market.


  • Used for shaping, even under calcified canals. 


  • EASY

                   - Only one instrument sequence whatever the canal shape
                   - Color-coded and easy to follow protocol
                   - Drying and obturation solutions specifically designed for Protaper® files, with the same color-codes for an instant .


  • FAST

                  - Only 3 instruments needed for most cases
                  - High cutting power


                  - Apical taper for good canal cleaning
                  - Fantastic debris removal due to the unique 'Multiple Taper' design of these instruments


  • 6 Files (Sx,S1,S2,F1,F2,F3)
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