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Waldent Paper Points 4% (Length Marked)

Waldent Paper Points 4% (Length Marked)

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Waldent Paper Points 4% are strong, highly absorbent and shaped to easily fit into the canal. 

Millimeter markings provide preliminary guidance in measuring the root canal depth before proceeding with obturation. 

In Root Canal, with a wide-open Apex, The most reliable means of determining working length is to gently pass a blunt end of paper point into the canal after profound anesthesia.

The moisture or Blood on the portion of the paper point that passes beyond the apex provides an estimation of working length or the junction between the root apex and the bone. 

The method, however, may give unreliable data in case of :-

  • If the pulp is not completely removed.
  • If the tooth is pulpless, but a periapical lesion rich in blood supply is present.
  • If paper-point is left in the canal for a long time.


  • Made up of fine quality paper.



  • Used to dry the canals and allow better adhesion of the sealing and obturation materials.
  • Used as Conveying medicaments. 



  • Used to approach the surface, like the pus of an abscess, at a definite spot or place.
  • They have more wet strength because each point is tightly rolled ensuring size and shape retention.
  • For faster and easier root canal sealing during obturation.
  • After the paste removal, the paper point wicking in the presence of a specific solvent is important.
  • Paper Points quickly and efficiently absorb liquid from the canal.
  • Paper Points are very useful in obtaining canal culture.
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