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Waldent Orthodontic Inter-Proximal Reduction (IPR) Kit

Waldent Orthodontic Inter-Proximal Reduction (IPR) Kit

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Orthodontic Inter-proximal Stripping Kit is an appropriately designed kit for inter-proximal reduction in orthodontic cases.

INTERPROXIMAL REDUCTION (aka Slenderizing, Stripping, Selective Enamel Reduction and Reproximation)

Interproximal reduction (IPR) of enamel involves the removal of outer enamel (0.3–0.5 mm) on the interproximal surfaces of teeth. IPR is one of the techniques that may be used during orthodontic treatment to provide extra intra-arch space in patients with mild to moderate crowding and when extraction therapy is undesirable. 

Interproximal enamel stripping has become an effective orthodontic treatment approach to regain space, improve tooth and gum aesthetics as well as maintain post-treatment stability. Nevertheless, orthodontists should choose appropriate indications by balancing between its benefits and risks.

Inter - proximal Strip Kit :

  • Creates space to improve tooth alignment
  • Helps to improve the bite/occlusion
  • Can increase the stability of the teeth, so they will retain their position long term
  • Can reduce "black triangles" , which is created by the absence of gingival papilla between teeth and gives the appearance of  a dark space or hole.

The procedure can be performed using several methods:

(1) Air rotor stripping with fine tungsten-carbide or diamond burs

(2) The use of diamond-coated stripping disks

(3) The use of hand-held or motor-driven abrasive strips.


  • In cases of Crowding / relapse of crowding
  • In malocclusion cases where extraction is not mandatory
  • To correct black triangles in between the teeth
  • In cases when relapses have taken place, stripping is advisable to allow realignment without labial tipping of anterior teeth into unstable position
  • IPR is used for cosmetic re-contouring, most commonly in reshaping canines to mimic lateral incisors

Advantages of IPR :

  • Decreased treatment time
  • Prevention of interdental gingival retraction.
  • Help to acquire additional space to create ideal tooth alignment.
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