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Waldent Orthodontic Elastic Separating Plier 10/120

Waldent Orthodontic Elastic Separating Plier 10/120

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Waldent Orthodontic Elastic Separating Plier

Separating orthodontic pliers are designed to spread and hold elastics during placement. These pliers feature a long barrel-shaped, tapered tip for prime accessibility and placement in any quadrant. The beaks may be angled, and the tip is grooved to prevent slippage until elastic is ready to be placed. The width of the opening is often controlled via a screw.

  • separator holding tips are nicely contoured to engage the separator and facilitate the handling of elastic separator
  • Spring action helps in quick working
  • Handle is ergonomically designed
  • Groove at the tip engage the separator ring firmly and do not allow to slip it
  • High quality stainless steel that is resistant to deformation
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