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Waldent Max Piezo 2 Ultrasonic Scaler ( 5 Scaler Tips Free )

Waldent Max Piezo 2 Ultrasonic Scaler ( 5 Scaler Tips Free )

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Waldent introduces MaxPiezo2 Scaler equipped with new generation Intelligent Vibrations Core Technology inside.
This brings softer yet powerful vibrations and more  comfortable experience for the patients.
Specially designed Handpiece with engineered plastic material housing effective Ultrasound Transducer. This provides accurate frequency at the tip and dentist has an efficient scaling operation and patient has more comfortable experience.


  • G1: Removal of supragingival deposits in all quadrants.
  • G2: Removal of heavy supragingival deposits.
          Apply flat end to surface of teeth.
  • G4: Recommended for the treatment of interproximal                spaces and for supragingival scaling.
  • P1: Slim and sharp , recommended for cleaning and                  irrigating of subgingival deposits.
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