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Waldent Hemostatic Liquid

Waldent Hemostatic Liquid

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Waldent Hemostatic Liquid is an effective aid for bleeding management during dental procedures. Its effectiveness is achieved due to the 25% aluminum chloride solution in the liquidƒ?????s formula. The Aluminium Chloride in this liquid obtains its hemostatic properties through a chemical reaction with blood proteins. The acidic property of aluminum chloride creates a barrier of coagulated proteins, stopping the outflow of blood from the vessels. This barrier also blocks the penetration of aluminum chloride into the vessels and thus prevents possible systemic side effects such as irritation, tingling, itching. Waldent Hemostatic Liquid allows the achievement of adequate hemostasis in the selected area and keeps the working area clear.

Waldent Hemostatic Liquid stops bleeding in the shortest possible time, causes minimum complications for the patient, and does not interfere with the tissue healing process. This makes Waldent Hemostatic Liquid an extremely effective local hemostatic agent used for controlling external bleeding.


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