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Waldent Flexident A-Silicone Light Body & Putty Kit

Waldent Flexident A-Silicone Light Body & Putty Kit

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Waldent Flexident Putty

Flexident Putty formulation, based on synthetic spheroidal silicas fillers, performs the maximum fluidity combined with perfect final dimensional stability.
Flexident Putty, due to its excellent initial flowing and final rigidity, guarantees the best results for all impression techniques.
Flexident Putty is the ideal support when employed in the ƒ?????two-stage putty/wash techniqueƒ????ƒ?????® and it ensures the perfect cohesion between putty and light materials in the ƒ?????single-stage double mixing techniqueƒ????ƒ?????®. This leads to the realization of high precision impressions.
Waldent Flexident A-Silicone

Flexident Light Body is a Addition Cured (A-silicon) vinyl Polysiloxane impression material. Look forward to high precision work owing to Flexident's high hydrophilicity, great linear dimensional stability, and excellent tear resistance.
It is a high precision silicone, non-slumping & thixotropic in nature which is easy to work with and trim. It has high initial hydrophilicity & viscosity.
It gets pushed into the sub-gingival area easily to register the details. Flexident exhibits the highest tear strength to give an accurate impression detail everytime.
Indications :

For impressions in cases of veneers, inlay, onlay, crown or bridge
Impressions for study models, orthodontic models, matrices
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