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Waldent Endodontic Explorer DG 16 (15/725)

Waldent Endodontic Explorer DG 16 (15/725)

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  • The DG 16 was designed by Dr. David Green in 1951, who was from upstate New York. The instrument was designed in its present form because a straight explorer and a cowhorn (#23) explorer did not enable the endodontist to locate a vast majority of canal orifices, especially in the posterior teeth.
  • Endodontic Explorer DG 16 enables the clinician to better determine canal orifices and the angle of the canal orifice as the canal exits apically from the chamber.




  • Used for locating and enlarging root Canal orifice.
  • Used to remove Calcification in the Canal.  




  • Made up of Stainless Steel.






  • Made up of Corrosion-free Stainless Steel helps in retaining their shape and resist breakage of the tip.
  • Corrosion resistance alloy.
  • Suitable for all types of Disinfection solutions.




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