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Waldent Dental X-Ray Film IOPA (Pack Of 100)

Waldent Dental X-Ray Film IOPA (Pack Of 100)

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Waldent IOPA X-Ray Films?ÿare?ÿhigh-quality,?ÿdouble-emulsion intraoral X-ray?ÿfilms?ÿof high speed, high contrast and fine grain, providing high image quality and outstanding detail definition.?ÿThese are?ÿintended for intraoral X-ray diagnostics only.

0.175 mm thick polyester provided with a double-sided protective and antistatic layer which protects the film against mechanical and electrostatic damage (ESD).

E-speed films?ÿ: 30 % ƒ?? 50 % lower X-ray dose due to shorter exposure times in comparison with D-speed film

F-speed films?ÿ: Its high sensitivity enables reducing the doses of radiation by 50 % in comparison with D-speed film and by 25 % in comparison with E-speed film.

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