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Waldent Dental Aspirating Syringe (20/101)

Waldent Dental Aspirating Syringe (20/101)

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Waldent Dental Aspirating syringe with Ring is a premium quality dental syringe used for delivering local anaesthesia in oral & maxillofacial surgeries.

The syringe is compatible with 1.8ml LA Cartirdge. . It comes with a stainless steel ring for complete control and stress free movement of the thumb. Waldent Aspirating syringe made of a surgical grade "Rostfrei" Stainless Steel that excel in highest quality standards. 



Waldent Aspirating Syringe is supplied non-sterile and should be cleaned and sterilised before use. The syringe can be cleaned either by using an automated process or manually cleaned by hand. All detergents used should be branded and specifically intended for cleaning medical devices. To clean the syringe, lock the syringe sleeve in the forward position, then unscrew the plunger retaining nut and separate the plunger assembly from the body of the syringe. Fully immerse the syringe in a solution of detergent and water throughout the cleaning process. Ensure the temperature of the water used for the initial immersion of the device does not exceed 45°C. Rinse the syringe in a clean solution of clean water before drying using a lint free cloth. Visually inspect the syringe to ensure it is thoroughly clean. Repeat the cleaning process if necessary. Ultrasonic cleaning may be used in addition to the above steps.


Ensure that the syringe sleeve is locked in the forward position and that the plunger assembly is detached from the body assembly during sterilisation.  Sterilise using moist heat. If the autoclave is a vacuum steriliser,the plunger and body assembly can be placed together in an autoclavable bag and sealed prior to processing. If the autoclave is a N-Type steriliser the syringe must not be wrapped prior to the sterilisation process as this will inhibit steam penetration.

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