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Waldent Clinical Shade Guide (For VITA Shades, German Standard)

Waldent Clinical Shade Guide (For VITA Shades, German Standard)

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Waldent Clinical Shade Guide is ideal for accurate determination of tooth shades. It provides an easy to use, precise method of matching the various shades of vital, living teeth.

It is based on dividing the colour to three components:

  • Hue: Is the colour name as red, yellow, blue
  • Chroma: Intensity of hue and degree of saturation????
  • Value: Degree of lightness or darkness of an object

The arrangement of the shades in the Waldent classical family of shades is as follows :-

  • A1 - A4 (reddish-brownish)
  • B1 - B4 (reddish-yellowish)
  • C1 - C4 (greyish shades)
  • D2 - D4 (reddish-grey)


Within these shades, either A, B, C or D, the shades are classified by a number from the lightest, 1, to the darkest and most intense, 4.????

The wide range of shades allows the operator to easily find tooth color in one of the ranges.

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