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SuperEndo Sonic Endo Irrigator (30 Tips Free)

SuperEndo Sonic Endo Irrigator (30 Tips Free)

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The Sonic Irrigator System is used in endodontic treatment by application of sonic energy. The
Irrigator tips are used in conjunction with the Handpiece/Driver to provide the energy for tip
oscillation and vibration. Evidence-based endodontics has shown that cavitation and acoustic
streaming improves debridement and the disruption of the smear layer and biofilm. Activated fluids
promote deep cleaning and disinfection into lateral canals,fins,webs,and anastomoses. A cleaned
root canal system facilitates 3-D obturation and long-term success..

  • Do not submerge unit in water
  • Do not autoclave unit
  • The Sonic Irrigator System is only to be used by dental professionals

The Sonic Irrigator System is comprised of the handpiece and Irrigator tips of various sizes
The system functions as intended when the original component parts are used together. With?ÿthe use of non-original components, serious consequences may result. The original?ÿcomponents?ÿinclude the Sonic Irrigator handpiece, the Irrigator tip and protective barrier.?ÿthe reference numbers of the Irrigator tips include: 15/02 (Small), 25/04 (Medium), 35/04 (Large)

The handpiece provides 3-speed sonic motor options (High,Medium,Low)

The power settings used are ultimately determined by the procedure to be performed, clinician's?ÿexperience, and the power needed to efficiently complete the clinical task

The Sonic Irrigator handpiece does not require calibration for normal use


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