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Shofu Fx Ultra Glass Ionomer Restorative -Mini Set

Shofu Fx Ultra Glass Ionomer Restorative -Mini Set

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Shofu Fx Ultra?ÿis a?ÿtruly self-adhesive, bulk filling glass ionomer restorative, GlasIonomer FX ULTRA performs?ÿ conventional?ÿ restoratives?ÿ in?ÿ its?ÿ class,?ÿ with?ÿ its?ÿ unique?ÿ new?ÿ formulation that provides superior aesthetics, translucency, lasting caries resistance and stability.GlasIonomer FX ULTRA exhibits high initial reactivity and rapid maturation process that virtually equalizes refractive indices of the glass core and the matrix to provide a remarkably stable, strong, translucent and fluoride-rich restoration.


  • Ideal?ÿpaediatric & geriatric?ÿrestorative
  • Non-load bearing?ÿClass I & II?ÿcavities
  • Class III and Class V?ÿcavities including
  • Cervical erosions,?ÿRoot Abrasion and Wedge?ÿshaped defects
  • Provisional or transient restoration
  • Bases,?ÿCore build-ups?ÿand?ÿSandwich technique restoration
  • ART and Minimally invasive restorations
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