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Shofu Beautifil ii Refills

Shofu Beautifil ii Refills

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Beautifil II is an universal nano-hybrid composite incorporating S-PRG (surface pre-reacted glass ionomer) technology that contains a stable phase of glass-ionomer for aesthetic and long-lasting restorations that release and recharge fluoride.

Beautifil II responds to the concentration of fluoride in the mouth while maintaining the strength and stability of a composite resin

A fluoride releasing, highly aesthetic dental material for all classes of restorationsA fluoride releasing, highly aesthetic dental material for all classes of restorations

A versatile fluoride-releasing, nanohybrid direct aesthetic restorative material that contains the modified S-PRG fillers designed for a variety of anterior and posterior restorations

Surface Pre-Reacted Glass (S-PRG) ionomer cements are used as fillers in GIOMER and are obtained by reacting acid-reactive fluoride-containing glass with polyacids in the presence of water.

These S-PRG fillers release fluoride and recharge.

The fluoride in GIOMER is responsible for:

  • Reducing tooth mineral solubility
  • Decreasing the acid production of cariogenic bacteria.


  • Direct cosmetic tooth modifications
  • Restoration of Class I-V cavities n Restoration of cervical erosion and root caries
  • Repair of fractured incisal edges
  • Laminate veneers and core build-ups

 Available in 

  • Universal shades: A1, A2, A3, A3.5
  • Opacious Dentin shades: A2O, A3O
  • Enamel shade: Inc and Bleach White shade: BW
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