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Sdi Pola Office Plus 1 Patient Kit

Sdi Pola Office Plus 1 Patient Kit

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Pola Office+ is a hydrogen peroxide-based in-office tooth whitening system requiring minimal chair time. It is a neutral pH gel and contains desensitizers to maximize patient comfort. The dual-barrel syringe system mixes as the gel is applied directly to the tooth.


  • Whitening of discolored vital teeth
  • Whitening of discolored non-vital teeth


  • Do not use on pregnant or lactating women
  • Do not use on children under 14 years of age
  • Do not use the Gingival Barrier on any persons having known resin allergies
  • Do not use Pola Office+ on any persons having known peroxides allergies
  • Pola Office+ will not lighten any restorative materials
  • Do not use on patients with extremely sensitive teeth.
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