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Saliva Ejector (Premium Quality-100pcs)

Saliva Ejector (Premium Quality-100pcs)

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  • Disposable Saliva ejector to be used for suction of heavy volumes at great speed.
  • A suction tip is a?ÿhollow tube that can be used to gently retract a patientƒ??s cheeks.
  • Tips also offer maneuverability and enable precision in reaching and removing saliva, blood, and debris from the patient's oral cavity.


  • Slight retraction of tongue and cheek.
  • Removal of saliva and prevention of water?ÿduring dental procedures
  • Effective isolation for technique-specific procedures.


  • Fit all standard saliva ejector hose ends.
  • Pliable-Holds their shape and the tip minimizes tissue impingement
  • Contours to custom-fit each patient's mouth.
  • Non-clogging?ÿ
  • Comfortable soft, round tip
  • Non-removable bonded tip
  • Universal standard saliva ejector.
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