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Russia Tor Vm Polishing Strips

Russia Tor Vm Polishing Strips

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Russia Tor Vm Finishing and Polishing Strips????is used for finishing and polishing all types of composite restorations.

Grinding strips????are designed for grinding and polishing hard-to-reach tooth surfaces for processing seals made from composite materials. Each strip consists of 2 segment with different abrasive layers.

Polishing Strips helps to provide proper contouring and polishing of composite restoration especially on the labial surface of the teeth. It helps to recreate the natural anatomy of the tooth.

  • No. 1.050 :????blue-green segments for gross reduction
  • No. 1.051 :????green-yellow segments for contouring
  • No. 1.052 :????yellow-white segments for polishing
  • Composites
  • Resin-modified glass ionomers
  • Bisacrylic temporary material

Abrasive :

  • blue segment - 60 ?????¦m
  • green segment - 40 ?????¦m
  • yellow segment - 20 ?????¦m
  • white segment - 5 ?????¦m

Thickness :

  • blue segment - about 140 ?????m
  • green segment - about 120 ?????m
  • yellow segment - about 100 ?????m
  • white segment - about 90 ?????m
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