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Meta Adseal (Resin Based Sealer)

Meta Adseal (Resin Based Sealer)

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ADSEAL is a epoxy resin based root canal sealer which is a paste-paste type of dual syringe.
It had a outstanding chemical and physical property including extremely excellent sealing property and biocompatobility.


  • Easy to mix by paste
  • Hermetic sealing ability
  • Nonstaining to the teeth
  • Insoluble in tissue fluids
  • Excellent biocompatibility
  • Good radiopacity



Base - epoxy oligomer resin, ethylene glycol salicylate, bismuthsubcarbonate

Catalyist - Polybutanediol , aminobenzoate,calcium phosphate, bismuth subcarbonate


WORKING TIME: 35 Minutes 23 degree celsius

SETTING TIME: 45 Minutes 37 degree celsius



Permanent obturation of root canals in combination with obturation points


Known hypersensitivity against epoxy resins or other components, respectively, of the root canal filling materialA

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