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Life X Needle Destroyers

Life X Needle Destroyers

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Life X Needle Destroyers

It is electrically operated, compact equipment, specially designed to destroy and mechanically cut used disposable needles and syringes with ease.

The needle destroyer machine prevents healthcare personnel from coming in contact with the needle while disposing of it, offering adequate safety against accidental pricks and prevents them from contracting HIV,Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C etc.. The machine burns needles of all sizes and cuts syringe tips, whilst, sterilizing waste materials for total safety. It comes with a removable discharge tray for easy disposal of needle ash and syringe hubs. It is available in 3 different sizes.

The equipment has a single step operation with push to open receptacle. The heavy duty transformer incinerates the needle instantaneously as it is inserted in the slot and syringe nozzle is terminated by pulling the blade handle manually.

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