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Indoco Warren Lignox Lignocaine 2% (Pack Of 24)

Indoco Warren Lignox Lignocaine 2% (Pack Of 24)

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  •  Warren Lignox Lignocaine 2% A is administered prior to a procedure to help dull pain or sedate a nervous or anxious patient. 
  • Local Anaesthetic 30ml vial


Indication –

  •  Used in prevention and control of pain in Surgical, Endodontic and Operative procedures in Dentistry by nerve block or infiltration techniques.



  •  Adrenaline 1:80000 MG + Lignocaine 2% W/V


  • Ease of administration.
  • Rapid and pleasant induction.
  • Decreased Blood flow to the surgical site.
  • Prolongs the action.
  • Reduces systemic toxicity.
  • Minimal Pain.
  • Wound Complication - Infection is less.
  • Faster onset.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Cardiovascular absorption is slow.

Mode of action -

Warren Lignox Lignocaine 2% A contains an anesthetic and a vasoconstrictor stabilizes the neuronal membrane by inhibiting ionic fluxes, required for initiation and conduction of nerve impulses, thereby affecting local Anastasia action.

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