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Indian Wax Spoon/Spatula

Indian Wax Spoon/Spatula

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Indian Wax Spoon/Spatula used to carve wax patterns, which can be heated for softening the wax while fashioning the pattern.

Wax Spoon/Spatula

A Dental Wax Spoon instrument is used during preclinical prosthodontic procedures like teeth setting for complete denture and late stages of removable partial denture construction to eliminate or block out areas of undesirable undercuts with wax on the cast before the framework is made. It is also used during block out procedures and in the construction of surveyed restorations. A hand instruments with spoon shaped one end and spear shaped other end used by the dentists during different dental treatments, presentations or demonstrations within the laboratories are used for carry or mix the wax and softening the base while teeth settings. Contouring and Finishing of Wax Surfaces in Complete Denture.

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