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Indian Sand Paper Mandrel (Pack Of 2)

Indian Sand Paper Mandrel (Pack Of 2)

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  • Sandpaper or split mandrels have a "split" above the reinforced base allowing the user to wind sandpaper, polishing cloth, or other abrasives around the gap.
  • These mandrels come in tapered style and generally used to sand in tight spots.
  • The tapered one offers access to undercuts.????
  • Maximum and recommended speeds depend on the type and size of accessory, as well as the mandrel in use.
  • As a general rule, smaller accessories and mandrels can be used at higher speeds than larger accessories and mandrels.
  • 3/32" head diameter, 3/4" slot length, 1/64" slot width. 1-3/4" overall length. 20,000 RPM Max Speed.????

NOTE: Compatible with Lab Handpiece only.

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