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iDENTical Root Canal (RCT) Practice Tooth Model - M8008

iDENTical Root Canal (RCT) Practice Tooth Model - M8008

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RCT Tooth model is an endo tooth model for practicing and demonstrating 'Root Canal Treatment'. It is 3D designed and equipped with pulp cavity and root canal(s) which are quite close in dimensions and shape to their natural counterparts. It is suitable for practicing every stage of a root canal treatment. Both hand files and rotary files can be used on this model.?ÿ

Manufactured from material with physical properties comparable to a natural tooth, this tooth model can be an excellent educational tool for the preclinical students around the globe to learn how to correctly perform root canal treatments, prior to practicing on actual patients.?ÿThe narrow root canals in certain models can assist the trainees in improving their skills for dealing with more complicated cases.?ÿ

The?ÿregular?ÿmodels are available with white crowns and transparent roots with red pulp visible from outside. The transparent models are crystal-clear with highly smooth surface and can be completely seen through.

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