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GDC Root Elevators Coupland Standard (E3c)

GDC Root Elevators Coupland Standard (E3c)

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Dental Instruments excel in the highest quality standards. They are manufactured from selective stainless steel by skilled workers with modern machines,
keeping control of production and quality at every step to guarantee a supply of Instruments with utmost precision.
Elevators truly believe in the importance of tissue-preserving extractions. Especially in the field of implantology tissue preserving can avoid complex
bone augmentation.
Used as a lever during the extraction of a tooth or retained roots. It is pushed in between the gums and the tooth exterior and used to loosen the tissue surrounding the tooth.
There are three major components of the elevator are:-
 Handle: is usually of generous size, so it can be held comfortably in the hand to apply
substantial but controlled force. In some situations, crossbar or T-bar handles are used.
 Shank: simply connects the handle to the working end or blade of the elevator. It is
generally of substantial size and is strong enough to transmit the force from the handle
to the blade.
 Blade: This part engages the crown or root and transmits force to the tooth, bone, or
both. The working side of the blade is either concave or flat.
Root elevators enable easy and comfortable tissue preserving extraction of all teeth by:

  • Sharp working tips
  • Thin working tips
  • Ergonomic design

Root Elevators are instruments designed to loosen or remove dental roots, root fragments, or teeth.
Less chances of Tooth Fracture" Coupland’s elevators (also known as chisels) are instruments commonly used for dental extraction.
They are used in sets of three each of increasing size and are used to split multi-rooted teeth and are inserted between the bone and tooth roots and rotated to
elevate them out of the sockets.

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