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GDC Periosteal Elevator Molt-9 Large - 1 (P9)

GDC Periosteal Elevator Molt-9 Large - 1 (P9)

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PERIOSTEAL Elevators are instruments used in dental extractions.
They may be used to loosen teeth prior to forcep extraction, to remove roots or impacted teeth.

Periosteal elevators are mainly used to lift full-thickness soft tissue flaps.
The tips require protection and need to be kept very sharp otherwise shredding of the flap can happen.
Ideally used for retracting & elevating mucoperiosteum during minor or major oral surgery.

Elevators work on the principle of leverage to dislodge a tooth from its socket.
The fulcrum is usually the crest of the socket bone; however, adjacent teeth can be used if they are also to be extracted.

GDC Periosteal Elevator Molt-9 Large - 1 (P9)

Used to elevate and/or detach the periosteum (membrane of fibrous connective tissue tightly surrounding bone) from the underlying bone by a pushing action usually applied along the longitudinal axis of the bone. It is typically a one-piece instrument made of high-grade stainless steel.

Molt periosteal elevator is one of the most commonly used instruments in oral surgery. used to raise gingival tissue at a cervical region which is to be detached for extraction of the tooth. Reflecting mucoperiosteum away from the bone to prevent it from being crushed-as the fulcrum is bone.

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