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GDC London College Tweezer (DPU17)

GDC London College Tweezer (DPU17)

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Designed particularly to hold the tiniest things, provide a better grip on the jaw.
The locking type has sides that lock together to prevent materials from being dropped.
Avoid unnecessary anxiety of the operator at the possibility of slippage whatever is carried by the tweezer. Made of high-quality stainless steel to precise specifications.

Dental Tweezer is a pair of tweezers.

  • Used to carry small objects such as cotton pellets, gauze & other small objects.
  • Available in different designs, sizes, and shapes.
  • London College type tweezer is the inner serrated type with stainless steel body, angled beak & serrated handles.
  • The beak of the tweezer is a delicate structure and should be handled with care.
  • These beaks can distort easily if used carelessly or incorrectly.
  • Inner guide pin provides stability.
  • Lightweight handle with serrations.


  • To hold cotton pellet.
  • To hold other materials like articulating paper, wedges from the tray to the mouth back.
  • To transfer any material in and out of the cavity.


  • Easy to place small objects in the mouth and retrieve small objects from the mouth.
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