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GDC Ball Burnisher - (Bb18)

GDC Ball Burnisher - (Bb18)

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Gdc Ball Burnisher - (Bb18) #1
Used in any common restoration technique for finishing the margins of plastic filling restorations.
High-quality stainless steel amalgam burnisher/ dental amalgam carver instruments.
Ball Burnisher is a manual dental instrument with a round tip used for smoothing or polishing a restoration.


Used for composite, plastic, and amalgam placement and contouring.
Used to blend material for final contouring, to achieve sculpting of areas like grooves, fissures, or pits.
It can also be used to form occlusal anatomy.

The ideal instrument used for Restorative/Conservative treatment

  • Ball Burnisher is used to burnish or finish the restorative material
  • Used to pack the amalgam
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