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Frank Dental Tapered Round Diamond Bur TR Series (Extra Fine)

Frank Dental Tapered Round Diamond Bur TR Series (Extra Fine)

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Frank Dental Tapered Round End (TR) Extra-fine Grain Diamond Burs (made in germany) are manufactured from the highest quality steel shanks using exquisite natural diamonds to match international specifications. This advanced manufacturing, using computer controlled precision engineering, ensures true concentricity and balance, minimising vibration and potential damage to handpiece bearings and at the same time improving cutting efficiency and product longevity.  

Different grain sizes allow the targeted removal of specific volumes and maximum conservation of tooth substance. The burs are available in various sizes. 

The Diamond plating of these burs is carried out under strictly controlled conditions specific to the bur pattern involved.



  • Cavity preparation. 
  • Tooth preparation for the placement of crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays or other restorations.
  • Fine polishing of restorations
  • Creates rounded base and convergent walls during tooth preparation and divergent walls during cavity preparation, inlay and onlay preparations.
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