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ET Dental Non-Woven Gauze

ET Dental Non-Woven Gauze

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ET Dental Non-Woven Gauze are super soft for added comfort, one of your biggest priorities is the comfort of your patients. Forget the days of those rough and scratchy post-surgery gauze pads that people always complain about, especially when they have to leave them in for dry sockets. These gauze sponges will improve the overall experience of your patients because they are made to be extra comfortable and soft.

4-PLY SPONGES: Absorbency is one of the most important factors in the gauze pad you choose. After oral surgery, you need a gauze sponge that can soak up lots of liquid. These non-woven gauze pads are made of a fabric offering a dependable thickness, so they can hold much more than standard gauze.

Less Lint Than Standard Gauze : Leftover gauze residue is unpleasant. Nobody wants flecks of lint in their mouth. High-quality gauze bandages that leave behind much less lint than alternative brands of gauze. These gauze sponges are the best choice for your patients.

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