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Eighteeth RVG Sensor Holder (Set of 2)

Eighteeth RVG Sensor Holder (Set of 2)

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Eighteeth RVG Sensor Paddle Holders used for holding the RVG Sensors in Dental Radiography. It is compatible with most of the RVG sensors available in the market. Toothbrush design intended to be held by patient. 100mm in Length and made up of durable plastic material. Easy to hold and grip. Available in Vertical & Horizontal.

Eighteeth RVG Sensor Paddle Holders are specially designed to reduce patient's oral discomfort and allows for better accuracy and ease of X-ray taking procedure using RVG sensors.

It is Compatible Waldent RVG, Eighteeth RVG, Woodpecker RVG and other Similar RVG's.

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