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Dmg Luxacore Z - Dual Smartmix A3

Dmg Luxacore Z - Dual Smartmix A3

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LuxaCore Z-Dual from DMG America, the ultra-strong, ultra-reliable core build-up material created with zirconia.  Its combination of zirconia filler with DMG's patented nanotechnology means it significantly improves strength, flowability and physical properties - it's the ultimate in resin technology!  LuxaCore Z-Dual also works for your post cementing needs.  Available in Natural, Blue and Light Opaque shades.


  • Natural (A3) : For optimal esthetic results
  • Blue: For distinguishing the core material from tooth structure
  • Light Opaque: For the perfect balance of contrast and esthetics.


  • All types of core build-up
  • Cementation of root posts


Do not use the material in cases of allergies to any of the components, in particular benzoyl peroxide, or in the event of contact allergies

Do not use the material with a single-bottle bond because an optimum adhesive bond is generally not assured with chemical or dual-cure materials

Do not use the material if a dry working environment is not possible

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