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Dentsply SDR Flowable Bulk Filling Material

Dentsply SDR Flowable Bulk Filling Material

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SDR Posterior Bulk Fill Flowable Base is a one-component, fluoride-containing, visible light cured, radiopaque resin composite restorative material. It is designed to be used as a base in class I and II restorations. SDRƒ?› material has handling characteristics typical of a ƒ??flowableƒ?� composite, but can be placed in 4 mm increments with minimal polymerization stress. SDRƒ?› material has a self-leveling feature that allows intimate adaptation to the prepared cavity walls. Available in one universal shade, it is designed to be overlayed with a methacrylate based universal/posterior composite for replacing missing occlusal/facial enamel.


  • Barium-alumino-fluoro-borosilicate glass
  • Strontium alumino-fluoro-silicate glass
  • Modified urethane dimethacrylate resin
  • Ethoxylated Bisphenol A dimethacrylate (EBPADMA)
  • Triethyleneglycol dimethacrylate (TEGDMA)
  • Camphorquinone (CQ) Photoinitiator
  • Butylated?ÿhydroxytoluene (BHT)
  • UV Stabilizer
  • Titanium dioxide
  • Iron oxide pigments


SDR material direct restorative:

  • Base in cavity class I & II direct restorations
  • Liner under direct restorative materials ƒ?? Class II box liner

Contraindications SDRƒ?› material is contraindicated for: ƒ?› Use with patients who have a history of severe allergic reaction to methacrylate resins.


  • ?ÿAdvanced Chemistry and amazing Procedures
  • ?ÿBulk Fill base in Class I and II restorations?ÿ
  • ?ÿ4mm depth of cure?ÿ
  • ?ÿSelf Leveling Handling?ÿ
  • ?ÿUp to 60% less stress than conventional flowables?ÿ
  • ?ÿRadiopaque
  • ?ÿSingle component, fluoride containing, visible light cured
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