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Dentsply Protaper Universal Gutta Percha Points

Dentsply Protaper Universal Gutta Percha Points

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  • Protaper® Universal Gutta Percha Points match the shape of the Protaper® Universal Finishing FIles and are color-coded for easy identification.
  • Available in sizes F1, F2, and F3 and two assortment packs with 60 Protaper® Universal Gutta Percha Points per pack.
  • The advanced Protaper® Universal Gutta Percha Points have been specifically designed for both cold and warm obturation techniques.
  • Sold in packages of 60 points.



It is the predominant material used to obturate, or fill, the empty space inside the root of a tooth after it has undergone endodontic therapy.



  • The right fit you can feel. (Variable tapered cones provide a snug fit that reaches the apex for the right tug back.)
  • Improved flow to the end. 
  • Enhanced patient safety. (Master cones are not made with natural rubber latex.)
  • The simplicity offers a total solution. (Precision-matched shapes and sizes remove the guesswork.)
  • Improved handling abilities. (Convenient tab for greater stability and easy identification and handling.)
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