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Dentsply Ah Plus Root Canal Sealant

Dentsply Ah Plus Root Canal Sealant

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Dentsply AH Plus????Root Canal Sealing Material is a two-component paste/paste root canal sealer based on epoxy-amine resin. The AH Plus sealer shows extremely low shrinkage making it a suitable choice of material to seal the root canal.????

It is a good sealer choice for use with ProTaper Thermafil obturators as the setting reaction is not adversely affected by thermoplastic obturation.



AH Plus????sealer can be used in conjugation with obturating material to establish an adequate seal of the root canal system.



This root canal sealer can be used with hot or cold????obturation technique.

Achieves a tight seal

Self-adhesive properties

Dimensional stability

Excellent biocompatible

Exhibits moderate????antimicrobial properties

Extremely radio-opaque so it is clearly visible on radiographs

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