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DentGist Nano-Bond (5th Gen Bonding Agent)

DentGist Nano-Bond (5th Gen Bonding Agent)

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DentGist Nano-Bond is a light curing, one component 5th generation bonding agent for use in combination with adhesive restorations. Nano-Bond adhesive was developed for bonding composites and compomers to the tooth structure as well as for bonding indirect restorations (e.g., porcelain). The adhesive incorporates aspects of a primer and bonding resin in a single bottle. Prior to the application of Nano-Bond, the tooth structure is conditioned with Etchant gel 37%.


  • ?ÿAdhesive for direct, light-curing and dual-curing composite and compomer restorations.
  • Adhesive for light-initiated resin cements used in conjunction with indirect all-ceramic and composite restorations (inlays, onlays, veneers and full-coverage crowns)
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