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Coltene Affinis Set (Addition Silicone)

Coltene Affinis Set (Addition Silicone)

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AFFINIS is a silicone-based impression material for use in dentistry.

AFFINIS putty super soft is a very smooth putty, which can be easily mixed to a homogeneous consistency. Super soft putty is ideal for all one-step putty/wash techniques.


Polyvinylsiloxane, addition-type silicone elastomer.



  • Primary impression in the putty-wash impression technique
  • Tray material for the simultaneous mixing technique
  • Tray material for the copperband impression technique
  • Impressions for study models, orthodontic models, matrices

Light Body:

  • Wash material for the putty-wash impression technique
  • Syringe material for the simultaneous mixing technique
  • Impression material for relining


Provided that the product is used as directed, there are no known contra-indications

Side effects /Interactions

Polyvinylsiloxanes have very good biological compatibility and up to now no harmful reactions or secondary effects on patients and/or dental personnel are known. Impression materials are intended to set in the mouth of the patient, however, they should remain in the mouth not more than twice the setting time. Although they have reasonably high tear strength, care should be taken that no portion of the impression material remains in the interdental spaces or in the sulcus. Undercuts should, in certain instances, be blocked out before taking the impression


Tray selection depends on impression technique and professional preference of stock trays, double arch bite trays or custom trays. For perfect adhesion, we recommend applying a thin layer of Colt??ne?? Adhesive or any other brand of adhesive specified for use with polyvinylsiloxane impression materials.

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