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Angelus MTA Fillapex Smartmix Syringe (4 gm)

Angelus MTA Fillapex Smartmix Syringe (4 gm)

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The proven efficacy of MTA now available in a root canal sealer MTA-Fillapex is an bioceramic endodontic sealer based on MTA, developed by Angelus (Londrina/Parana/Brazil) and launched commercially in 2010.
It is a new product that combines the proven advantages of MTA with a
superior canal obturation product. Its formulation in the paste/paste system
allows a complete filling of the entire root canal, including accessory and
lateral canals. MTA, present in the composition of MTA-Fillapex, is more
stable than calcium hydroxide, providing constant release of calcium ions
for the tissues and maintaining a pH which elicits antibacterial effects. The
tissue recovery and the lack of inflammatory response are optimized by the
use of MTA and disalicylate resin. The product is eugenol free and will not
interfere with adhesive procedures inside the root canal. Also, it does not
cause discoloration of the tooth structure.

Product description
Bioceramic Root Canal Sealer

For root canal filling

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