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Anabond Orthofix Light Cure Adhesive Syringe

Anabond Orthofix Light Cure Adhesive Syringe

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Anabond Orthofix Light Cure Adhesive is an ideal orthodontic adhesive that has optimal bond strength to withstand masticatory and orthodontic forces and also debonds with no damage to the enamel at the end of the treatment.

In orthodontic treatment, the need to replace brackets frequently may severely impair the progress of treatment and can be expensive in terms of material and time. Therefore, a low clinical failure rate is a necessary clinical criterion of paramount importance.It is also convenient to use in areas where moisture control is difficult.
Anabond Orthofix light cure adhesive is a Bis-GMA based composite resin and it is a popular material of choice in orthodontic bonding .Bis-GMA based adhesive is time tested and by far the most ideal bonding adhesive in orthodontics.It is also economic and accessible along with its optimal properties.
  • Bonding metal and Ceramic orthodontic brackets to tooth surface
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