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Ammdent Ostoden Bone Graft Material 0.5cc

Ammdent Ostoden Bone Graft Material 0.5cc

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Ostoden????is a????Synthetic Calcium Phosphate????based bone graft device intended to aid in orthopedic/Dental Reproductive procedures requiring bone graft substitutes due to injury or degenerative disease.


  • Allows to maintain and restore the bony alveolar ridge in post-extraction tooth sockets, or after oral surgery, ridge preservation, ridge augmentation, augmentation in the maxillary sinus, repair of periodontal bone defects, and bone voids.
  • Also indicated bone defects due to apicoectomies, cystic formation, or tumor removal.
  • Implants on individual patients are based on the clinical merits of each case.


  • It offers us the chance to preserve the shape and strength of the bony ridge long after the tooth is gone.
  • Increases the possibility of implant, bridge, denture, or partial placement in the future.
  • Avoids the shrinkage in the mouthƒ?????s height and width over time.
  • Avoids the possibility of narrow, short, and fragile jaw structure.
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