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Septodont R4

Septodont R4

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R4?ÿis a solution for the cleaning of root canals by irrigation.The presence of chlorhexidine digluconate ensures clean?ÿcanals, because of its specific action on anaerobic strains in the root-canal flora and endo-periodontal lesions.?ÿIt is characterized by disinfecting properties with a broad antimicrobial spectrum. It affects the anaerobic strains of bacteria constituting the bacterial flora of the root canals. It shows a long-lasting antibacterial effect and low toxicity. Efficiency equivalent to sodium hypochlorite, but duration of action greater than 48 hours, thanks to its remanent effect

Root-canal irrigation when endodontic re-treatment is required and/or when root-canal treatment requires several sessions.

Allergy to any component of the formula.

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